Individualized Treatment Matters

Our mission at ERPHealth is to save and transform lives through individualizing behavioral healthcare.

Meet the Team

Our Story

The story of ERP Health began with Eric, our Co-founder and CEO’s personal journey to recovery. For over a decade, Eric was controlled by addiction. It had a cascading effect in every area of his life: his family, his friends, his career, and his self-worth. During those difficult years, Eric sought help from several addiction treatment providers. While kind, their approach felt impersonal and rote, never quite meeting his needs. He continued to struggle with addiction for several more years until he finally hit rock bottom on August 4th, 2010.

On that day, Eric lay on a bench outside of City Hall in center city Philadelphia, just released from Delaware County prison for yet another DUI and possession charge. He was homeless, all his bridges burned, with nothing to his name but a trash bag of clothes.

As he laid on that bench, looking up at the statue of William Penn atop of City Hall, he asked himself: “What have I done to my life?” The feeling of hopelessness and helplessness was so overwhelming that a profound shift happened within. He explains it this way:

“My body couldn’t take any more of the drugs, the drinking, the not sleeping, everything that comes with the lifestyle of addiction, and it just surrendered. Simultaneously, my psyche couldn’t take any more of the negative internal narrative that I had been repeating to myself for years. At the intersection of both my body and mind surrendering, it allowed for something greater than myself to step in. Ever since that day, I’ve been obsessed with finding ways, means, strategies and methods that would not only help me, but anyone else who struggles with the disease of addiction.” 

Eric immersed himself in learning about the brain, how addiction works on a chemical level, and about the mind-body connection. From his expertise, he created a clinical program that was designed to personalize the addiction treatment process, and to quickly identify and treat co-existing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. The program was successfully implemented at multiple treatment centers across the United States to help thousands of people.

While implementing his program at a treatment center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Eric met Nick, an owner of the center. Nick also knew firsthand the devastation addiction caused, having lost childhood friends to drug overdoses. Eric and Nick shared a common passion for helping people and knew that the program needed to expand.

The desire to help more people and to expand what Eric had started became the founding block and start of ERPHealth. Combining Eric’s personal experience and clinical expertise with Nick’s long history of opening and running behavioral health centers, they brought on a first class team to together, build out a platform that is revolutionizing the addiction recovery space.