ERPHealth CEO speaks on Technology’s Role in the Future of Value-based Care at VALUE conference

ERPHealth CEO speaks at VALUE Conference on Technology's Role in the Future of Value-based Care

Thank you to everyone who attended our fireside chat, Technology's Role in the Future of Value-based Care at the Behavioral Health Business VALUE conference this week in Washington, DC.


Moderator John Yediank and ERPHealth CEO Eric Gremminger had a lively discussion regarding the future of behavioral health and how ERPHealth is ensuring that providers are well-positioned for the changes that are certain to come.


Here are some key takeaways:


Expect a continued move towards value-based care in the behavioral health space. This was made very clear by Katherine Hobbs Knutson of Optum Behavioral Care and Aetna Behavioral Health President Cara Mcnulty during their talk.


If providers are going to remain viable in the coming years, they will have to find a way to “course correct” during treatment and verify outcomes via a third party source.


Establishing broad consensus on effective outcomes is one of the more challenging tasks for payors and providers when creating value-based contracts.


Providers who are tracking outcomes in a multitude of domains will be at an advantage in negotiating value-based care deals as well as better in-network rates.


The future of behavioral and population health will rely on innovation to promote health equity. This was reinforced by Tequila Terry, Group Director, State Innovation and Prevention & Population Health CMS Innovation Center during her excellent talk.


Watch the full talk here:


Fireside Chat with ERPHealth.mp4 from ERPHealth on Vimeo.

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