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ERPHealth Unveils Plans for $10 million “Innovation Hub” in Washington, D.C.

December 16, 2022
Philadelphia, PA

Expansion to serve as nexus connecting the company with key stakeholders and policymakers in the behavioral health space combating the addiction crisis.

Philadelphia, PA — Today ERPHealth, a cutting-edge platform in the patient outcome-tracking space, announced plans to open an Innovation Hub in the nation’s capital in 2023 focused on reducing the prevalence of youth mental illness and addiction. Under the $10 million initiative, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based company will expand its health care policy operations to Washington, DC. The Innovation Hub will also serve as a nexus for leaders in the behavioral health space, convening key stakeholders to create better outcomes for patients.

“Over the past year, as ERPHealth engaged an increasing number of federal officials and national nonprofits, it became clear that we needed to have an operational presence in the nation’s capital,” ERPHealth Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eric Gremminger stated. “By connecting ERPHealth with even more national policymakers, private corporations, and nonprofit leaders, our plan is that the Innovation Hub will become a central focus of cutting-edge advances in behavioral health — a place where respected voices in the field gather to share best practices, develop new technologies, and provide the youth with early access to universal screenings to facilitate early intervention and prevention.”

In 2022, Gremminger represented ERPHealth at events featuring members of Congress, senior law enforcement officials, and federal policymakers where he shared how the individualized treatment made possible by the platform is proven to create better outcomes for patients while cutting costs for providers.

“Today’s generation of children, adolescents and young adults are facing unprecedented challenges and it has had a devastating effect on their mental health. The prevalence of youth mental illness and addiction is on the rise,” Gremminger added. “At this critical inflection point, the opening of our Innovation Hub will ensure that ERPHealth is not only part of the national conversation around recovery, but part of the solution as well.”

ERPHealth is an enterprise-grade technology platform that leverages the power of patient-reported data to individualize treatment, promote health equity, and position providers as industry leaders. ERPHealth was financed in part by an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



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