ERPHub Features

ERPHub improves, optimizes and seamlessly integrates with current workflows and existing technologies

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Personalize clinical decisions based on real-time reporting of patient health information and dynamic progress charts displayed on your provider dashboard.

Customized dashboard collects and analyzes self-reported patient data, and clinician assessments, allowing providers to build out individualized treatment plans and offer community-driven clinical curriculums in real time. This enables identification of individual growth and tracks outcomes and success metrics.

Customize and substantiate treatment plans with automated psychological assessments, clinician reporting, and S.M.A.R.T. Goal features.

Gold standard self-report assessments are submitted weekly, translating qualitative experiences into quantitative data points for a truly customized therapeutic experience. This patient-centered approach allows for the creation of intrinsically motivated SMART Goals and advances patient progress and success while significantly reducing early patient dropouts, reducing against medical advice (AMA) rates and treatment processes.

Support patients remotely through our Patient Portal, appointment calendar & scheduling, and messaging system.

The patient portal allows patients to complete assessments, engage with clinicians, monitor goal oriented progress and follow achievements remotely and comfortably. The ERPHealth secure calendar and messaging features enable provider and patient coordination and communication along the care continuum.

Leverage custom insights to gain transparency on payroll expenses while enhancing payer and provider relations.

A centralized dashboard reports a multitude of business metrics in addition to patient history and progress. ERPHealth dashboard reports provide evidence- based metrics, clinician performance and identifies patient health data trends based on demographics to enable centers and facilities to better target marketing efforts. Collected data and reports can be presented to third-party payers to support medical necessity determinations, contract-negotiations and The Joint Commission audits.

Scale your facility operations and grow your revenue stream with our streamlined billing process and dedicated consultants.

A dedicated ERPHealth clinical consultant and reimbursement specialist are assigned to every account to assist with and guide the collection of assessment data and manage reimbursement claims. ERPHealth provides a one-click export of key treatment documentation to provide third-party payers substantiation for utilization reviews and advocate for additional treatment days.