Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission at ERPHealth is to save and transform lives through individualizing behavioral healthcare.

Is ERPHealth HIPAA compliant?

Yes, ERPHealth is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and all data is encrypted at-rest and in transmission through our SSL & HTTPS. To ensure all data being shared in a safe manner, a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) will be provided.


How accessible is the data for reporting?

You’re able to log in and view your patient’s profile at your convenience, at any time. Think of us like a handy assistant, providing you with insights at your fingertips when you need them to help guide the clinical conversation with your patient.


Does ERPHealth integrate into my EHR/EMR system?

No, and we do so intentionally. We choose not to integrate in order to preserve the authenticity of the third party data collection tool. ERPHealth’s data is straight from the patient, uploaded to the server and reporting for clinicians to determine weekly community-driven curriculums. 


Which assessments does ERPHealth offer? 

ERPHealth offers various gold standard assessments to collect and analyze self-reported patient data, to generate individualized treatment plans, and offer community-driven clinical curriculums in real time. Assessments include: PHQ-9, ACE, Stroop test, General Self-efficacy, Balance Assessment to all be utilized to determine a “Recovery Capital” score. If you would like to upload an assessment that you want to administer, we are open to collaborating and providing new options. 


How does this affect UR?

Payer Care Management teams are endlessly searching for ways to streamline internal operations in reviewing criteria and determining medical necessity for a continued stay or admission authorization. In reviewing the self-reported data, payers see a ‘snapshot’ of patient progress alongside a constantly evolving, individualized therapeutic treatment plan. Utilization review departments are presented with crystal clear objectives, removing much of the guesswork from the current level of care guidelines.


How does this affect billing Insurance?

The primary focus of insurance providers has rightfully landed on the aspect of preventing readmission to inpatient levels of care; more specifically ER visits & admits to medical floors. Does every relapse require an inpatient detox followed by another 4 weeks of 24 rehabilitation? At ERP Health, we are asking both providers & payers to rethink medical necessity guidelines and refer to the objective data points when deciding on a course of treatment.


How do I get started and what does the onboarding process look like?

Please complete the form on our contact page and someone from our sales team will get in contact with you. The onboarding process is quite simple; you will be paired with an ERP Client Success Manager up and running within.


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