Your Continuing Care App

Stay connected post-treatment with GRO , inspire continued engagement with ERPHealth created social content, and keep collecting patient-reported data from assessments developed to promote self-reflection and further success along the wellness journey.


Extend engagement and promote community post-treatment.


Track patient ongoing progress using auto-generated wellness check-ins and standardized questionnaires done in a personalized manner.


Identify potential relapse events with alerts triggered when a patient is at high risk. 


Keep communication open for immediate support in the case of relapse.


What is GRO?

Gro is a self-directed continuing care app designed for patients as they set out on their journey post treatment. The program offers them guidance and continued assessment of their progress in order to remove barriers to long-term, sustained recovery. This technological infrastructure helps treatment providers engage with patients even after discharge.

We’re Here to Inspire.

We’ve specially curated unique posts that will automatically populate your patient’s feed once they are enrolled in the GRO program. 

Add Custom Posts, News and Resources.

Want to share a facility-specific event or resource? GRO connects seamlessly to the HUB Dashboard where you can easily add custom posts to your Alumni Page. 

Identify Risk Factors in Real-time.

Triggers real-time alerts that go directly to the treatment center/qualified healthcare provider, you can quickly get patients re-engaged in treatment before problems spiral out of control.