Real-Time Engagement in a Patient’s Treatment Plan

The mission at ERPHealth is to save and transform lives by individualizing behavioral healthcare. The science is clear that when patients are involved in the treatment process, it leads to more effective clinical encounters. ERPHealth puts a patient in the driver’s seat of their treatment process. For long-term recovery to be possible, patients must be the agent of change. The ERPHealth platform empowers patients to better self-assess and modify their behaviors. 

Individualized Treatment Platform (ITP)

Real-time, clinical outcome tracking platform.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

A supportive approach to therapy that reinforces self-esteem and builds self-confidence

Value-Based Care

Cutting edge approach to the future of treatment standards to be reflective of personalized treatment plans

Higher-Level Management

The ability for higher-level management and ownership to see a snapshot of the milieu’s progress individually or as a whole

How do ERPHealth’s products work with a facility?

TAP collects data at your facility and gives staff and patients access to tasks and assessments which update in real-time as they’re completed. Simply pick an assessment or task, select a patient, and hand over the device. This way, patients can complete tasks wherever is most comfortable for them as their thoughts turn into actionable data,  securely stored in the ERPHub. 

ERPHub is the centralized dashboard that empowers you and your staff to make evidence-based treatment decisions in real-time, so your patients get the individualized care they need from organizing custom clinical groups topics to adjusting the frequency of treatment.  The ERPHub also collects, analyzes, and organizes patient-reported data for you and your staff to see–all in one convenient place.   Simplify the payer process with reports that support medical necessity determinations, contract negotiations, and gaining or sustaining accreditation. 

And ERPHealth helps you continue supporting your patients even after treatment with GRO. GRO is a service that keeps you up to date with your patient alumni. We help you easily connect with alumni, track their ongoing progress, and build a community, while your staff focuses on day-to-day work. 


The science is clear. When patients are involved in the treatment process, it leads to more effective clinical encounters. TAP engages the patient directly, putting them in the driver’s seat while collecting valuable data that is shared with your staff through HUB.


Recovery is a journey, and while the patient has to be the one driving, the clinicians are guides, checking in and offering direction to make sure that the patient is on the right track. ERPHub provides real-time feedback and informs clinicians if their patients are responding to treatment.


Recovery doesn’t stop once a patient leaves treatment. GRO is designed to be a resource to the patient as they travel back into their lives. GRO checks in and assesses patients at key intervals and reports the findings back to the treatment centers.