Professional Team, Professional Results

Our mission at ERPHealth is to align the interest of all behavioral healthcare stakeholders by improving; outcomes, health equity and value.

Eric Gremminger, ICADC

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eric is CEO and Co-Founder of ERPHealth and a nationally recognized leader in the behavioral health space. Since 2014 Eric has trained behavioral healthcare professionals around the country on how to use patient reported outcome measures to personalized clinical curriculums, and inform policy and procedure. Eric holds a degree in Psychology from Drexel University and is a regular guest lecturer on the topics of recovery and the neurobiology of addiction. Eric received his counselor’s training from Villanova University and is an internationally-certified drug and alcohol counselor as well as a published author.

Eric is a board member for Prevention Plus, an organization focused on promoting healthy, safe and drug-free lifestyles in the state of New Jersey and is a part of the advisory council for National Fentanyl Awareness Day, a federally recognized day dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of fentanyl.

Nicholas C. Bardoutsos

Co-Founder & President

Nick is President and Co-Founder of ERPHealth and brings over 15 years’ of healthcare experience to the team. A programming engineer by trade, Nick has created various HIPAA compliant SaaS-based platforms including a CRM and Insurance tracking platform that was included in a $120m behavioral healthcare acquisition in 2015.

Since then a majority of Nick’s efforts have been in creating, leading, and/or owning over 40 behavioral health facilities across 15 states totaling over $50m in mergers and acquisitions.

Abby Warburg

Chief Operating Officer

Abby has led and grown teams in Fortune 200 corporations, global technology companies and more recently managed the development of an online pharmacy software and Telehealth startup. She brings her extensive background in the healthcare and tech sectors and her non-stop work ethic to the position of Chief Compliance Officer. With over 10 years of business and strategy expertise, she uses her hands-on approach and analytical mindset to align cross functional teams in achieving company goals and objectives.

Alexa Melhado, MA

VP of Client Success and Implementation

Alexa brings fifteen years of experience as a behavioral health professional having worked with various populations in both private and non-profit sectors. Alexa is a graduate of Georgian Court University and Monmouth University and is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership Management program.

Alexa offers extensive knowledge of industry best practices and has demonstrated expertise in program development critical to client care, business revenue, and growth.

M.Gordon Simmons

Chief Growth Officer

Gordon brings 13 years of experience as a business owner and executive in multiple roles across the insurance and healthcare industries. His combined entrepreneurial drive and business management skills have proven to drive gains in revenue, market share and profit performance. He has successfully led early stage companies to scalable, sustained growth through exit. His extensive background in behavioral health program development, mergers and acquisitions as well as leadership development have proven to be a true asset to the organization. Gordon has been recognized with over 15 sales awards for excellence throughout his career.

Rishir Patel

Director of Technology

Rishir is a specialist in creating and deploying HIPAA compliant databases that are used to generate analytics data shown to improve business practices and patient care. He brings to the ERPHealth team over 5 years’ experience in developing and maintaining HIPAA compliant cloud-based applications using AWS and Microsoft Azure environments in the behavioral health space. He also has many years of experience maintaining and executing custom updates for EMR systems.

Rachel Wener

UI/UX Designer & Developer

Since starting her journey as a designer and developer 10 years ago, Rachel has worked for marketing agencies, helped startups build their brands and websites, and worked with a variety of talented individuals to create both digital and print marketing assets.

Rachel brings her passion for user centered design and mobile first development to the ERPHealth team and works hand in hand with Rishir, our software developer, to create easy-to-use and memorable user experiences.

Nik Guinn

Internal Operations Coordinator

Nik brings a diverse professional background with over 19 years of management and technical support expertise. Throughout Nik’s professional journey they developed an extensive knowledge for detail-oriented and interpersonal work. Their passion for working directly with consumers to accomplish complex solutions continues to drive them towards new challenges each day.

Nik’s skill set, their unique personal connection to the cause and a commitment to utilizing industry best practices to achieve the best outcome for our clients makes them an asset to ERPHealth.

Elisha Kutliroff

Platform Quality Engineer

Elisha has been working in security, telecommunications, and fintech companies for over 15 years. He is certified as a Foundation Tester and Test Manager from the ISTQB Certification Boards and has been building and leading various QA teams throughout the hi-tech sector, testing complex integrated cloud-based systems for hosted and onprem solutions. Elisha brings his passion for testing and building high-quality products to the ERPHealth team, working closely with development to ensure the ERPHealth experience is positive and meets the needs of their clientele at the highest level possible.

Michellé D’Almeida

Marketing Coordinator

With an extensive background in media and publishing, education, and holistic therapies, Michellé has used her creative talents and problem-solving abilities to complete projects for both digital and print publications, schools, wellness centers, and small-to-medium sized businesses – including her own – in South Africa, South Korea and the United States.

At ERPHealth she brings her passion for Mental Health Advocacy and commitment to innovation to everything she does, communicating on behalf of our technology as well as our clients.

Eric Witte

Client Success Manager

Eric Witte has 16 years of experience at mental health facilities and over 8 years of experience working within substance abuse facilities at different levels of care, where he has taken on multiple roles including Director.

He has worked throughout Florida, the Midwest and New Jersey, and now brings his extensive experience to ERPHealth. Eric’s continued desire and drive to help others achieve success is invaluable to the overall goals of the ERPHealth platform.

Conner Eichhorst

Business Growth Coordinator

Conner Eichhorst brings 10 years of experience in customer-facing roles in event planning and logistics to ERPHealth. A recent Psychology graduate from Lawrence University, she is passionate about behavioral health and social psychology. Her strengths lay in creating analytical frameworks, and conducting psychological research through the lens of communication, collaboration, and motivation across cultures. 

With impeccable interpersonal and communication skills, Conner collaborates with cross-functional teams to forge organizational relationships and execute positive outcomes.

Jordan Meyers

Regional Vice President of Growth, Southeast

Jordan Meyers is a Florida State University graduate born and raised in South Florida. He cares deeply about Mental Health and has spent the last 8 years in the behavioral health space. When he isn’t traveling the world playing music, he can be found public speaking across the country in front of thousands.

Jordan is part of the Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition and Founder of a Mental Health non-profit called ‘Finding a Lost Voice’ that educates youth on the science and psychology of drug and alcohol experimentation in an effort to reduce the harm on our communities.