ERPHealth Overview

Welcome to ERPHealth! #

Welcome to ERPHealth! You are now ready to start collecting patient data in a streamlined and secure manner. The ERP platform showcases individual and group trends based on self-reporting assessments. This enables you to customize clinical group topics, assess patient symptoms, progress, track success, and more all in real time. 

The ERPHealth platform is split into three parts: TAP, HUB, and GRO. 

Tap #

TAP is a secure access point to collect self-reported patient data in a safe, comfortable and HIPAA compliant manner throughout the course of treatment. Your facility will be provided with one or more TAP devices to administer assessments on. Patients can use TAP and take assessments without being monitored.


HUB is the portal that clinicians and staff use to review patient and assessment data, complete evaluations, generate reports, manage facilities and more. The majority of this documentation is a guide for how to use HUB unless otherwise specified.


GRO is ERPHealth’s easy to use care management program which facilitates and streamlines interactions between your facility and alumni.

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