Facility Settings

To manage a facility and its settings, press View Details on your desired facility on the Facilities page.

Facility Info #

On the Facility page, you will find this form to edit facility name and info. Make sure you press Update Profile if you make any changes you want saved.

Facility Settings #

There are various facility-wide settings to manage on the Facility page.

Schedule Automated Clinical Impression: If this setting is deactivated, weekly clinical impressions will not be scheduled automatically for clinicians to complete. Learn more about Clinical Impressions here.

Schedule Automated Biopsychosocial Assessment: The Biopsychosocial Assessments is the assessment administered upon patient intake before starting treatment. Turn this on to utilize ERPHealth’s special patient-first BPS system which helps cut down clinical time taking these assessments. Learn more about the BPS on the Available Assessments page.

Assessment Sign Off Required: This setting controls whether assessment sign offs are required or not. Learn more about Assessment Sign offs here.

Patient Messaging: This setting controls whether patients in the facility have access to the messaging feature. 
Default ERP Program: This setting controls which ERP program is automatically selected during patient intake. Programs include Pre-IntakeMental Health TrackPrimary Care and Substance Use Disorder Track. Learn more about available ERP programs here. You will have a chance to change this program at any point during treatment after pre-intake is completeYou might want to speak with your Client Success Manager first as changing the ERP program at the time of intake can impact day 1 billing.

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