HUB Interface

HUB Dashboard #

When you first log in to your portal you will land on the HUB dashboard, which is customized based on your User Role. The dashboard contains information regarding your facilities, patients, latest data, required sign offs, due assessments and evaluations.

Main Menu #

The dark blue menu on the left side of the screen is the Main Menu – your main navigation system throughout HUB.

Account Menu #

Pull down the Account Menu by clicking the profile picture icon. Here you can check your inbox, request assistance, or sign out. You can change your profile picture and other settings in Account Settings.

To-Do List #

All your personal to-do list items such as administering assessments, completing evaluations and signing off on assessments can be found on your personal To-Do List. You can access your to-do list 2 ways:

  • 1. On the Main Menu by pressing Dashboard -> To-Do List
  • 2. Open the Quick Actions Menu on any page.

Quick Actions Menu #

Our new Quick Actions Menu makes accessing your patients and to-do list items easy and fast. It is available on every page on the right hand side. Simply press the menu button (as shown in the screenshots below) and the menu will close and expand accordingly.

Messages & Notifications #

If there is an orange dot next to the message or notification symbol, that means you have messages or notifications respectively. Press the icon to view your latest messages and/or notifications.

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