Patient Intake

Step One: Add New Patient or Intake Existing Patient #

Add New Patient #

To add a new patient, go to the Patients page, press “+ Add Patient” and fill out the required form. You can also go to Patients -> + Add Patient on the Main Menu.

Intake Existing Patient #

To intake an existing patient, select the Alumni or Discharged patient you would like to intake from the Patients page. On their Patient Profile, press the Intake button and fill out the required form.

Note: Keep the default selection for ERP Program as “Pre-Intake” to enable day 1 billing.

Once you have successfully added the new or existing patient, you will be able to find them on the Patients page in the Main Menu. Find the patient you would like to complete intake for and press View Patient Profile.

Step Two: Administer Intake Assessments #

On the Patient Profile, you will see instructions for pre-intake. The first step is administering intake assessments. Click Continue Intake Assessments. At this point the patient’s intake assessments will be scheduled and automatically started. Once you confirm in the popup, you can hand the provided tablets or device over to the patient to take the assessments.

Note: During this step, the system is locked down so the patient will not be able to view other patient info. The system will ask for the user to log back in after assessments are completed to prevent unwanted access.

Step Three: Assign Clinical Staff to Patient #

In order to start billing and treatment, a clinical staff member will need to be assigned to the patient. Press Assign Clinical Staff to select the patient’s clinical staff member and continue pre-intake.

Step Four: Complete Clinical Evaluations #

To start day one billing, a licensed clinician needs to complete the patient’s initial Clinical Evaluation. Learn more about clinical evaluations here.

At the end of the evaluation, the clinician will be prompted to select a Level of Care and ERP Program for the patient. Learn more about ERP Programs here.

Note: Don’t see the LOC you need? Levels of Care need to be added to each Facility, learn more here.

You have now completed Patient Intake and the patient and will start regularly scheduled assessments weekly.

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