Patient Portal

If patients have an email address and access to their own device, they can take assessments on their own through ERP’s Patient Portal (not to be confused with the Patient Profile in HUB). The Patient Portal is a completely optional web app separate from HUB that is dedicated just to patients for assessments. This can also be used in a tele-health environment.

To set up a patient with their Patient Portal, simply go to the Treatment tab on the Patient Profile Menu in their Patient Profile

If the patient does not already have their Patient Portal set up, this notification will be at the top of the page. 

Simply press Activate and you will be prompted to add an email address. Press Send Activation Link and the patient will receive an email with instructions for setup. Be sure to advise your patient to check their Junk or Spam email folders. Once complete, they will be able to start easily taking assessments from wherever they feel most comfortable!

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