Patient Profile

Patient Profile #

Everything on HUB regarding individual patients can be found on their Patient Profile. To go to a Patient Profile, go to Patients on the Main Menu. Then select the patient you would like to view and press View Patient Profile.

Patient Profile Interface #

The main items shown below are consistent throughout each page of every Patient Profile.

Patient Profile Menu  – The patient profile menu is the main navigation system throughout the Patient Profile. 

Patient Profile Sidebar – The patient profile sidebar contains urgent to-do items, assigned staff members, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and the patient’s activity log.

Patient Basic Info  – The information at the top of the Patient Profile contains the patient’s name, ERP ID, DOB, gender, and more.

Patient Treatment & Action Bar  – This bar contains the patient’s treatment info including track, intake date, and day of treatment. It also contains the CallExport UR, and Discharge buttons.

Patient Overview #

The patient overview contains the patient’s latest results. At the top you will see a Holistic Hexagon chart. This tracks this individual patient’s Holistic Hexagon scores over time.

Underneath the Holistic Hexagon chart are the rest of the patient’s latest assessment scores. Click View >> on any assessment score box to view the detailed assessment results.

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