Patient Transfers

Partners with multiple facilities can transfer patients between facilities during a single treatment episode, carrying all of their assessments and treatment information over to the new facility with them.

Facility History has been added to the bottom of each Patient Profile to keep track of transfers and treatment episodes.

How to Transfer a Patient #

Staff members with the Initiate Transfer permission turned on can request a patient be transferred from one facility into another. Likewise, staff members with the Finalize Transfer permission turned on can approve or deny the transfer. Settings and permissions can be found on the bottom of each Staff Profile.

Staff members that have access to multiple facilities and have both Initiate Transfer and Finalize Transfer permissions might be able to request, cancel, approve, and deny a single transfer.

Step #1: Initiate Transfer #

Go to the Patients page to access the patient you would like to transfer. Make sure you change the filters to show patients in all facilities instead of just yours.

Go to the Patient Profile of the patient you would like to transfer. If the patient is in your facility you will see a Request Transfer button on the Patient Treatment & Action Bar.

If the patient is not currently in your facility, the patient profile will look different. You will not have access to their current data, but you will see a Request Transfer button.

You can cancel this transfer request at any point by going back to the same place on the patient’s Patient Profile and pressing Cancel Transfer.

Step #2: Finalize Transfer #

Relevant staff members with Finalize Transfer permissions set on their Staff Profile will receive an email with the transfer request. Transfer requests will also show up on these staff member’s To-Do lists for easy access. Simply press Approve or Deny on the Patient Profile to finalize the transfer.

How Do Patient Transfers Affect Assessment Schedules? #

Transferring a patient from higher LOC to Outpatient triggers the following assessments:

  • Core 4 [Holistic Hexagon, PHQ-9, GAD-7, PSS]
  • BAM (Brief Addiction Monitor) If the patient is in “Substance Use Disorder”
  • Clinical Evaluation

Transferring patient from Outpatient to higher LOC (Detox,PHP,Res,IOP)

  • New set of baseline assessments (all assessments that are given as part of
  • Clinical Evaluation

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