Patients Overview

Patients are the heart of your facility and the ERP program. Their success and wellness is of utmost priority and our patient tools are designed to individualize and improve treatment.

The Patients page (accessed by pressing Patients in the Main Menu) is where you will find a full record of In-Treatment, Discharged, Pre-Intake and Alumni patients in all facilities*.

*By default, this page shows In-Treatment patients in your facility. If you want to see discharged patients, patients in other facilities, or patients assigned to specific Staff members, use the filters at the top of the page.

Each patient card has a colored status bar making it easy to determine a patient’s current status.
Green: In Treatment
Red: Pre-Intake
Blue: Alumni
Dark Gray: Discharged
Yellow-Green: Pending Transfer from any facility

Each patient card on the Patient page shows the patient’s name, status, LOC, assigned staff, facility and intake date. When a number appears inside of a yellow circle on the top right of the patient card, this indicates to-do items are due for the patient. The number specifies how many items are due.  

All individual patient data, treatment info and assessment results can be found on their Patient Profile. Just press View Patient Profile on the bottom of the patient card. Learn more about the Patient Profile here.

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