Staff Overview & User Roles

Staff Overview & User Roles #

Your facility requires a variety of staff members with different unique responsibilities in order for it to function well. The same goes for using ERPHealth, which is why it’s important to understand the staff roles and responsibilities that are vital to its success.

When you add any staff member to the system, you will have to select a User Role. The following is a list of the different User Roles and their restrictions & responsibilities. 

ERP Account Manager #

No Restrictions

Facility Admin #

Facility administrators are responsible for managing the facility, staff members, TAP devices, and potentially more depending on the facility. For example users with the Facility Admin role can administer assessments, take evaluations and perform any actions belonging to any of the below user roles (including housing). The only thing a Facility Admin cannot do is edit Partner Info or add more facilities.

Clinical Staff #

Clinical staff members are primarily responsible for signing off on and administering assessments, taking clinical evaluations, reviewing reports, and managing patients and their treatment. These users also have access to the TAP manager so they can manage TAP devices as well. Clinical staff do not have access to partner management, staff management, facility management, or executive reports.

Utilization Review #

UR staff members are responsible for using the UR interface to generate UR reports. They can also request evaluations from the clinical staff that are needed to generate reports.

Housing Manager #

Housing managers are responsible for housing management and housing staff management. These users can also administer assessments, make appointments, leave notes, and use S.M.A.R.T. goals on the Patient Profile. Housing managers and staff can only see a restricted view of those that are currently checked in to housing and have no access to reports, evaluations or any individual assessment data. 

Housing Staff #

The Housing Staff user role has the same capabilities as Housing Managers minus the ability to manage the overall house or its staff.

Staff Page Interface #

Access the Staff page by pressing Staff on the Main Menu. This is where you will find staff members in the system. The page is set to automatically load Active Staff so make sure to change the filters to show All Staff if you want to see deactivated staff as well.

All Staff members must verify their email addresses to use the ERP system properly. If there are Staff members with unverified email addresses, a notification will appear at the top of the page with a button to send verification links to all. A red button will also appear on every individual staff member allowing you to send a link just to them. A notification will also appear on the top of their individual Staff Profiles.

Once you select a Staff member from the Staff page, you will be relocated to their individual Staff Profile where you can manage their facility access, settings and more.

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