Staff Profile

Staff Profile Overview #

When you select a Staff member from the Staff page, you will access their Staff Profile. This is where you can manage your Staff member’s personal information, system settings, and facility/housing access.

The Staff Profile begins with the Staff member’s name and ERP User Role. It’s important to know a Staff member’s User Role because it dictates what they do and do not have access to in the system.

Staff Member Info #

View a Staff member’s job title and other basic info in the Basic Info section. To edit this information, press the Edit button on the side of the section.

Profile Picture #

You can change a Staff member’s profile picture by pressing the camera icon next to the profile picture.

Assigned Facilities #

You will need to assign a Staff member to a facility or house to start assigning them patients and caseloads. Press + Add Facility (or + Add House) in the Assigned Facilities section to assign them to a new facility or house. Wether facilities or houses shows depends on the Staff member’s User Role.

Settings & Permissions #

There are various settings to set for Staff members (which only apply for some User Roles). Turn these on and off to control what this Staff member can and cannot do in the system.

Once a setting is turned on, you will need to add specific facilities (or all facilities) to this setting by pressing “Add/Remove Facilities For example, a staff member may be assigned to 2 facilities but only have Finalize Patient Transfer capabilities at one of the facilities.

Initiate Patient Transfer – The ability to initiate or request a patient transfer

Finalize Patient Transfer – The ability to approve or deny a patient transfer.

Include in Billing & UR Reporting – Include this user’s data in reports pertaining to UR & Billing Staff.

Include in Clinical Reporting – Include this user’s data in reports pertaining to Clinicians.

Default Permissions and Settings #

When a new staff member is added to the system or when a current staff member’s user role is changed, the following defaults will be applied:

  • All User Roles:
    • Initiate Patient Transfer [All Facilities]
    • Finalize Patient Transfer [Assigned Facilities]
  • Clinical Staff User Role
    • Include In Clinical Reporting [Assigned Facilities]
  • Utilization Review User Role
    • Include In UR & Billing Reporting [Assigned Facilities]

There are no permissions or settings that apply to Housing Staff or Account Managers at this time.

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