Test Patients

Overview #

There might be a situation where you want a patient to simply act as a test in the system, and therefore do not want their data to appear on various reports. Test Patients are excluded from report data including dashboard stats & charts, custom reports, Quick Reports, the Executive Summary Report, the Patient Outcomes Report, and Billing.

Test patients are not shown by default on the Patients and UR pages. There is a toggle to include test patients on the top right of the page.

For Account Managers #

Account Managers can mark patients as Test Patients on the Patients page as well as
on the individual Patient Profile. If the toggle is green, that means the patient is a Test
Patient. If it is gray it means they are regular patients.

On the Patients page:

On the Patient Profile:

For All Other Users (Non Account Managers)  #

All other users will not be able to mark the patients as Test Patients but they can view whether a patient is marked as a Test Patient or not. Patients marked as Test Patients will appear as shown below.

On the Patients page:

On the Patient Profile:

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