Version 2.6.2

New Minor Version Release v2.6.2

July 22, 2021

New Feature!
Get help more easily. Client success manager contact information added to top menu. Simply hover over the new “?” icon, at the top right of the screen, to see information

Ease of user / QOL updates
Patient Profile – Overview
Latest Results update. Scores and Results are much more easier to see and understand. Get a better understanding of how the patient is doing. Scores and results now also have context. eg. 10 out of 40Or a worded results eg. Severe (5/5) -> Here the context is in parentheses showing that it is the 5th out of a possible of  5 results. Higher numbers here also indicate a worse result.
Holistic Hexagon Chart now shows up to the last 4 taken holistic hexagon by date instead of by week.

Assessment Streamlining
ACE and Recovery Capital Scale will no longer be automatically scheduled for patients to take. This removes some repeat questions and brings down the number of first day intake assessments.
These assessments can still be administered by going to Patient Profile > Due Assessments > “Add Off Schedule Assessment”

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