Your Secure

Patient Access Point

Collect patient-reported data in an easy, safe
and HIPAA Compliant manner.

Track Outcomes with TAP

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Track outcomes with our secure TAP devices, respond to outcomes in real-time to inform individualize treatment, and make data-driven decisions to deliver measurement-based care.

Increase Patient Engagement

Allow Patients to develop better self-management, awareness of symptoms, and potential relapse triggers.

Collect Patient-reported Data

Tailor treatment to the individual by responding to outcomes in real-time.

Gain Insights into Treatment

Create informed treatment plans by focusing on areas of concern as highlighted by the data you collect.


Send Assessment Links to be Completed Remotely

Administer assessments in-person directly from your TAP device or send an assessment link directly to a patient at a remote location. You can easily send assessment & form links directly to patients and providers so they can complete them on their own devices.

Auto-generate To-Do Lists

When you log into TAP you will see a to-do list with items that need to be completed for each patient in your facility. These include but are not limited to; Assessment sign-offs for insurance and billing, clinical evaluations, due patient assessments, and orange alerts indicating items overdue or due immediately.


Easy Search & Filter Functionality

The Patients Page on TAP lists all patients in your facility. You can search for patients by keyword or filter to show patients in-treatment, those who have been discharged, as well as alumni.

Easy Intake, Discharge & Transfer

On the TAP Profile Page you can edit patient contacts and personal information, discharge or transfer patients with a click of a button, and easily send an up-to-date patient results summary report / full patient history to relevant staff members.

Collect Patient-reported Data throughout
the Course of Treatment

Help patients to stay engaged in their treatment, and respond to outcomes in real-time with data-driven treatment plans. It all starts with TAP.

Plug & Play

Access our Gold Standard assessment library or create your own custom assessments.

One-Click Reporting

Simply hand over the device on-site or send a link to patients off-site for easy completion.

On & Off-site Capability

Simply hand over the device on-site or send a link to patients off-site for easy completion.

Safe & Secure

Collect Assessment Data in a simple, HIPPA Compliant and easy to use manner.

Unlock the Power of our Full Product Range

Our product line provides the technological infrastructure to bridge the gap between need and access, helping providers to successfully implement strategies to prevent and treat Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder, and achive the “Triple Aim” of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement;

To improve population health, enhance the experience and outcomes of patients, and reduce the cost of care for our communities.

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