Your Secure Patient Access Point

Increase patient engagement, collect patient-reported data, and gain insight into treatment outcomes with ERPHealth provided TAP devices.


Access our Gold Standard assessment library or create custom assessments to suit your needs.


Collect assessment data in a simple, HIPAA Compliant and easy to use manner.


Use Telehealth assessment options to collect data from patients off-site.


Get standardized reports sent directly to your email or connect seamlessly and immediately to ERPHub.

What is TAP?

TAP refers to the hardware (tablet devices) and software we provide to your facility to collect patient-reported data throughout the course of treatment in a safe, comfortable and HIPAA compliant manner. We refer to this as your secure patient access point.

Your facility will be provided with one or more TAP devices.

Patients can use TAP to take assessments without being monitored because no identifying patient health information is accessible to them on the device.

All TAP devices are plug and play.

Our Gold-Standard Assessments come pre-loaded on the device. Customization is possible on request and our team of developers are on hand to review requests and help you meet your facility needs.

Remote assessments are now available.

For patients not on location, simply send an assessment link directly to their phones with additional auto-reminders when assessments are due.