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Technology’s Role in the Future of Value-based Care

Thank you to everyone who attended our fireside chat, Technology’s Role in the Future of Value-based Care at the Behavioral Health Business VALUE conference this week in Washington, DC.

Moderator John Yediank and ERPHealth CEO Eric Gremminger had a lively discussion regarding the future of behavioral health and how ERPHealth is ensuring that providers are well-positioned for the changes that are certain to come.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Expect a continued move towards value-based care in the behavioral health space. This was made very clear by Katherine Hobbs Knutson of Optum Behavioral Care and Aetna Behavioral Health President Cara Mcnulty during their talk.
  • If providers are going to remain viable in the coming years, they will have to find a way to “course correct” during treatment and verify outcomes via a third party source.
  • Providers who are tracking outcomes in a multitude of domains will be at an advantage in negotiating value-based care deals as well as better in-network rates.
  • The future of behavioral and population health will rely on innovation to promote health equity. This was reinforced by Tequila Terry, Group Director, State Innovation and Prevention & Population Health CMS Innovation Center during her excellent talk.


Eric Gremminger, ICADC

Co-founder and CEO of ERPHealth

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