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ERPHealth’s enterprise-grade technology leverages the power of patient-reported data to individualize treatment, promote health equity, and position providers as industry leaders.

US Standard Platform

Your Suite of Outcome Tracking Products

ERPHealth is the US standard outcome tracking platform to deliver measurement-based care for behavioral health. Our products are equipped with tools to improve population health, enhance the experience and outcomes of patients, and reduce the cost of care of our communities.

Secure Patient Access Point

Increase patient engagement, collect patient-reported data, and gain insight into treatment outcomes with ERPHealth provided TAP devices.

Clinical Research Platform

Use patient-reported data to inform individualized treatment, optimize patient-clinician pairings, and track outcomes in real-time with the HUB Dashboard.

Continuing Care App

Stay connected post-treatment with GRO , inspire continued engagement with ERPHealth created social content, and keep collecting patient-reported data from assessments developed to promote self-reflection and further success along the wellness journey.

Real change is coming

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We are the technology leveraging the power of of patient-reported data to improve population health, enhance the experience and outcomes of patients, and reduce the cost of care for our communities. And we are very excited for you to join us.


Jane Bohn, MS, LPC
Outreach Clinical Coordinator at Unity Place

“The reason ERP works so well is that it addresses biological, psychosocial and social areas which is unlike any other treatment model. Most often in the treatment field the goal is simply get a client to recover from their addiction but does not consider the other areas of their lives that have been destroyed such as career, family relationships and health. ERP assists clients by identifying areas of their life they want to improve and assists them with setting attainable goals… As a therapist I recommend this program because it builds clients up and gives them hope rather than tearing them down. It reminds the client that recovery isn’t an opportunity to be as good as you once were, but better!”

Robert Bazzel, BS Behavioral Health Counselor

“What ERP does is remind us that change is not osmotic or abstract; it is a series of self-directed changes that start with assessing our satisfaction in life and its many domains. Change tends to be a momentum game and ERP allows you to find a start point and create your own plan of growth. It’s not about just getting back what you had; it’s about harnessing your potential and staying in a state of growth and improvement. It teaches us to utilize today, because it will never happen again. It shows us that time and potential are a terrible thing to waste. We learn to drive our own change and, just as importantly, sustain that change.”

Heather Wilson, MSW, LCSW Clinical Director at Victory Bay Recovery Center

“I have personally witnessed clients’ transform using ERP in a way nothing else has. Clients are empowered to change their relationships with others, as well as with themselves. ERP communicates individualized treatment in a language that is understood to both the client and the clinician, with a strength-based approach to identify core belief systems linked to maladaptive behaviors.”

Lindsie Brown, LMHC, LPC, CAP, ICADC Substance Abuse and Mental Health Consultant

“I have been around ERP for almost 6 months now and it has really been an eye-opening experience for the substance abuse treatment world. I have been working in this industry as a therapist and clinical director for the past 10 years and I have never seen anything like this before. The ERPHealth Program embodies elements from the biopsychosocial, ASAM, and the 12-step model. ERP is really an amazing thing to see up close and personal, and watch clients enter treatment with no hope, and leave with goals, passion, and stability in their life.”

Strategic Partnerships

ERPHealth is extremely excited to be partnering with Jim Carroll, the Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and Uttam Dhillon, former Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration to create better outcomes for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder.

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