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Our mission is to help people become healthy and stay healthy. Our high standards attract well-known behavioral health professionals from across the country. Their commitments to ethice and patient success are blocked by the highest accredition in the industry.

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The ERPHealth rating system uses patient-reported data collected in real time, and is updated at regular intervals.

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These data highlight the significant positive effect that Journey Pure's treatments have had on patient outcomes throughout engagement in their clinical programs as measured by ERPHealth's Outcome Tracking Platform.

Decrease in Depression Symptoms that contribute to Substance Use Disorder
Decrease in Anxiety Symptoms that contribute to Sbustanve Use Disorder
Increase Recovery Capital Resources that support sustained recovery
Increase Anand Test

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  • Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
  • Art Therapy

Why choose a Treatment Center that Measures change using ERPHealth?

The application of measurement processes within tratment science remains fundamentally critical. Measurement provides the bedrock for any practice to determine treatment efficacy. The practice of measurement increases our ability to monitor treatment progress, assists in identification of treatment goals, reduces symptom deterioration, and improves overall patient outcomes.

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