ERPHealth Announces GRO

Oct 6, 2021

ERPHealth’s newly launched service provides unparalleled ways for clients to stay engaged in their alumni’s recovery journey post-treatment.

PHILADELPHIA, PA— After the successful national launches of ERPHUB and TAP, ERPHealth has  announced GRO as the next service in the ERPHealth ecosystem. The newly launched service GRO provides unparalleled ways for clients to stay engaged in their alumni’s recovery journey post-treatment through alumni-check-ins, brand reputation engagement, facility engagement, and outcome data.

“Many of the nation’s leading behavioral healthcare providers and clinicians already use the ERPHealth individualized treatment platform (ITP) to truly individualize patient treatment by expanding engagement and ultimately improving outcomes,” said Eric Gremminger, Co Founder and CEO, ERPHealth. “Now with the release of the new industry-specific services  included in GRO, our clients have access to the ultimate way to increase alumni referrals and  receive verified third-party outcome data all under one unified service.”

With the addition of GRO, ERPHealth can provide clients with verified third-party outcome data that can be used for anything from accreditation audits to company evaluations and even reporting documents to governing bodies. And with a focus on staying encouraged and  engaged, GRO provides alumni outreach staff with an opportunity to connect and track their  alumni’s ongoing progress through personal wellness check-ins, with standardized  questionnaires, to encouraging alumni to leave positive reviews if they had a positive  experience with a provider.

“Alumni referrals are one of the most cost-effective and high-quality patient acquisition channels,” said Nick Bardoutsos, President, ERPHealth. “GRO engages directly with alumni so  that your program, your name, and your brand promise stay top of mind with your alumni. And  if our staff at GRO connects with any alumni who is in need of treatment, or is at risk of relapse,  we connect them immediately back to your facility admissions team or alumni coordinator.”

GRO is now available nationwide to ERPHealth clients. Existing and new clients alike can connect with any of ERPHealth’s client success managers to get set up today with GRO and have immediate access to the ultimate client service for staying engaged in their alumni’s post treatment recovery journey.

ERPHealth is the US Standard Outcome Tracking Platform to deliver measurement-based care for Behavioral Health. Our enterprise-grade technology leverages the power of patient-reported data to individualize treatment, promote health equity, and position providers as industry leaders.