ERPHealth Unveils Analysis Underscoring the Value of Measurement-Based Care

Jan 6, 2022

White paper authored by Behavioral Neuroscience & Clinical Psychology Ph.D. shows how ERPHealth facilitates the long-term recovery of patients suffering from substance use disorder.

Philadelphia, PA — Today ERPHealth released Measurement-Based Care: Optimized by the Power of Science & Technology, a white paper outlining the value of measurement-based care, particularly in the treatment of substance use disorder. The paper was authored by Lucy F. Faulconbridge, Director of Main Line Therapy and Psychological Services, LLC, and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology. ERPHealth Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eric Gremminger served as co-author. The white paper is available online here.

The executive summary of the white paper concluded that:

  • The ERPHealth platform provides current, specific, actionable data to treatment providers to allow early intervention to prevent relapse and improve outcomes for every patient both while they are in treatment, and beyond treatment termination.
  • The data collected by the ERPHealth platform can be used by treatment providers to evaluate and improve treatments, as well as justify their care models to payors who allocate funding.
  • The ERPHealth platform promotes long-term transparency, efficiency, and accountability to all stakeholders, ultimately improving the landscape for the patient.

A video overview of the ERPHealth platform is available online here.

“The addiction crisis is worse than ever; and with 80% of patients in recovery succumbing to relapse within the first 90 days following treatment, it’s clear that new approaches are necessary to save lives,” ERPHealth CEO Eric Gremminger stated. “Incorporating the ERPHealth platform into recovery plans creates better outcomes for both patients and providers, and this white paper distills the reasons why.”

“In my years working in mental health treatment, I’ve seen firsthand that what gets measured gets managed — and ERPHealth measures patient progress in dynamic ways that encourage sustained recovery from substance use,” Dr. Faulconbridge said. “I was glad to have the opportunity to present this analysis of the ERPHealth platform and outline the scientific and technological innovations in measurement-based outcome tracking it provides.”

About the white paper’s author Dr. Lucy F. Faulconbridge: Lucy F. Faulconbridge is Director of Main Line Therapy and Psychological Services, LLC, a private mental health clinic in Pennsylvania. Dr. Faulconbridge received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience & Clinical Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and completed her Clinical Internship training at Weill Cornell Medical School in New York. Dr. Faulconbridge served on the full-time faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine between 2010 and 2016 and she was appointed Director of Research in The Center for Weight and Eating Disorders from 2011 to 2016. From 2010 to 2015 she conducted a large randomized controlled clinical trial, funded by a K23 award from the National Institutes of Health (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute), which examined a novel treatment for obese, depressed individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease. Dr. Faulconbridge is a licensed clinical psychologist and a certified cognitive-behavioral therapist by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. She is the author of 28 peer-reviewed publications and 8 book chapters, she has given more than 60 guest lectures and presentations, and she has appeared on NPR’s “Voices in the Family” and the “Think-Act-Be” podcast. Dr Faulconbridge has served on the Scientific Advisory Board for ERP Health, LLC, since 2020.