Outcome Tracking, the Keystone to the Value Equation in Behavioral Healthcare.

Talk by Eric Gremminger ICADC

In health care, the days of business as usual are over. Poor success rates, lack of transparency and high costs have led to treatment resistance for patients and a push towards alternative payment model from payers. The days of incremental fixes are behind us, it’s time for a fundamentally new strategy. It’s time for providers to adopt a value-first mindset.

In this talk participants will learn how outcome tracking is aligning the interest of all stakeholders in the behavioral health industry.

Topics Include:

1. Integrating physical and behavioral health throughout the cycle of care.
2. Leveraging Measurement-based care to promote better outcomes
3. Why investors should want providers to measure outcomes.


Eric Gremminger ICADC

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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