Prioritizing Health Equity: Not Just Morally Right, But Fiscally Sound

Aug 10, 2022

ERPHealth CEO and Co-founder Eric Gremminger speaks at the Social Determinants of Health Summit in Las Vegas

As our population becomes more diverse and at greater risk of poor health outcomes due to the impact of negative social determinants of health, there is a growing need to integrate evidence-based technology to promote health equity and coordinate services across the care continuum.

In his talk Eric explored ERPHealth’s role as the healthcare system turns to more equitable, value-based behavioral healthcare, and how we can:

  • Quickly identify and integrate social factors that influence behavioral health outcomes;
  • Leverage technology to assess and address social needs through appropriate referrals to adequate providers;
  • Collect and report on patient-reported data to develop policies and procedures to improve health outcomes; and
  • Create better outcomes and to lead to cost savings downstream. 

In order to close the health equity gaps in our communities, Eric concluded that we need the ability to:

  • Systematically and comprehensively assess social determinants of health.
  • Establish SdOH programs.
  • Measure the outcomes of those programs.
  • Use the outcome data to inform how to allocate resources.