First Round of Vital Funding Secured for Business Creation and ALPHA version of SaaS Platform

ERPHealth announced on October 1, 2019 that they successfully secured funding to create ERPHealth LLC. 

Nicholas Bardoutsos and Eric Gremminger have teamed up to create a SaaS version of their existing paper-based individualized treatment plan. This funding enables them to begin buildout of a platform to be used in behavioral healthcare facilities to assist clinicians with treatment programming based on real-time patient data via patient assessments. 

The company is registered as an LLC and headquartered in Philadelphia PA.

ERPHealth is an individualized treatment platform (ITP) that provides real-time, clinical outcome tracking. The ERPHealth platform engages directly with the patient, collecting standardized assessments on a weekly basis used to personalize care, track outcomes, and increase revenue for providers. Our mission at ERPHealth is to save and transform lives through individualizing behavioral healthcare.


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