Midday Maryland Welcomes ERPHealth CEO for an Important Conversation

Sep 10, 2021

Addiction recovery is never one size fits all, but some recovery centers use the same treatment plans for everyone.

Our CEO, Eric Gremminger recently celebrated 11 years sober. ERPHealth helps give the patient control over their recovery and invites them to be a part of the care team. Patients assess their care on a weekly basis, which helps the care team personalize treatments. Studies have shown people are more likely to recover when they are invested in their own care and treatment.

Addiction affects everyone, and everyone deserves help. Recovery is always possible, even if you’ve tried before. Join the conversation with Midday Maryland or watch the video below.


ERPHealth features on PHL17

ERPHealth features on PHL17

ERPHealth changing the recovery process at treatment centers nationwide. This interview and article was originally published on the PHL17 News site. Philadelphia company...