Second Round of Vital Funding Secured for Portal Buildout and Center Implementation – BETA Version

ERPHealth announced on February 1, 2020 that they have secured funding to continue the build-out and implementation of their online portal. 

This funding will enable the UX developers, the clinical team, and the marketing staff to continue the design and implementation of the ERP-specific assessments into the online portal. The funding will also enable the app to come to life with functionality for both clients and providers. 

These assessments are tailored-specific for the program which enable clients in and out of a traditional treatment or aftercare setting.

ERPHealth is an individualized treatment platform (ITP) that provides real-time, clinical outcome tracking. The ERPHealth platform engages directly with the patient, collecting standardized assessments on a weekly basis used to personalize care, track outcomes, and increase revenue for providers. Our mission at ERPHealth is to save and transform lives through individualizing behavioral healthcare.


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